benefits of using an on-demand training strategy

We Missed the Investigator Meeting, Now What?

This is the second of a two-part blog series of how to create more efficiency in your clinical trial training efforts leveraging on-demand training approaches that can save time while reducing complexity and redundancy in clinical trial training.

In a perfect world, the Investigator Meeting (IM) is planned and everyone who is supposed to be there, is there. The IM covers the specifics of the protocol and allows ample time for understanding the science behind it. At the same time, it is a rare chance to collaborate with peer groups on challenges and new ideas both within the industry and those faced on this specific study. In pivotal moments of the IM, we hear questions and important answers from those in similar situations. In these ways, the benefits of face-to-face investigator meetings are significant to advancing clinical research and GCP training.

And then, reality strikes. As mentioned in Part I of this blog series, Making Time for What Matters Most- 5 Key Questions to Ask When Evaluating a Hybrid Training Approach, reality often strikes in the form of:

Additional information and changes that need to be communicated after the IM has occurred including amendments 

It begs the question, “Now What?”

The answer can be found in understanding that training is just as accurate outside of the Investigator Meeting as within it. Through advances in communication and innovation, on-demand training can deliver positive site and investigator experiences that lay the foundation to be a true sponsor of choice. Keep these 7 benefits of on-demand in mind when developing your next training strategy and watch site engagement soar.

Training Acceleration for Faster Study Start Up

Technology and communication advances now allow training to be captured and available for investigators and study teams within days vs. the typical timelines of weeks or even months. This kind of acceleration and flexibility is found when the process is vertically integrated – meaning training can be captured, created into modules and placed in the portal to distribute at speed with the same partner guiding the process.

On-Demand, Online Training Available 24/7 Globally

Investigators + sites are given the ability to train on their own time, anytime, anywhere, when it is convenient for them. 

Redundant Training Can Be Eliminated or Greatly Reduced

Eliminating redundancy in training can save thousands of hours and alleviate frustration among investigators retaking training. By utilizing certification and compliance directories, investigator training can be tracked across studies and also allow sites to upload training documentation for credit. 

Confidence in Sharing a Precise and Consistent Training Message

Delivering the exact same training message is important to reduce the risk of errors or improper communication of important training topics. In addition, training material can be reviewed for errors prior to distribution and updated as needed.

Less Disruption

The opportunity costs of attending face-to-face meetings can be high, making perfect attendance difficult to achieve. Using on-demand training, control over when and where training is conducted is given to the investigator or study team. This eliminates being beholden to travel to an IM in person or having to work around an inconvenient webinar schedule. This not only saves time but allows teams control over their time.

Sites Can Be Trained As Soon As They Are Ready

With on-demand training, valuable time and resources can be saved resulting in the reduction of sponsor costs to keep sites open, reduction of overall training and CRO costs as well as other accelerated timelines. Inevitably, some sites do not come into the study until after the IM has been conducted. In this case, on-demand training can provide a solution to sites that does not disrupt timelines and can further help the sites reach a state of perpetual inspection readiness.

Time/Cost Savings

As mentioned in part I of this blog series, cost and time savings can be significant using an on-demand training strategy, up to 75% over traditional methods.  

As you consider your planning for training in the decade ahead, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss these benefits with you in more detail as well as our experience implementing this approach for Top 10 pharmaceutical sponsors. To learn more, please reach out to us at  

Also, please refer back to the first installment of this blog series for more on this topic.