User Group Forum Recap – LiveStream™

How to Make Your Next Investigator Meeting Dynamic, Immersive and Immediate with Trifecta LiveStream™

Held at the 2020 SCOPE conference in Orlando I had the opportunity to meet and network with so many innovative researchers, it was a real pleasure to have the chance to present some of our own latest innovations.

What is Trifecta LiveStream™?
An online-streaming experience setting a NEW standard for Virtual Investigator Meetings that is dynamic, immersive and LIVE. Trifecta LiveStream delivers investigator training in real time, driving engagement and interaction. At trifecta we like threes, its no different when we explain the core benefits of a virtual LiveStream investigator meeting:



  • Trifecta LiveStream™ facilitates sponsor/site Interaction.
  • Allows for new site relationships to be formed and grow organically


  • Drives global attendance
  • Easy to plan
  • Rehearsals designed to put your study team and presenters at ease


  • No travel required/cost savings
  • All meetings completed with 2 hours using Trifecta’s Essential Content Optimization™ service and principles

How does Essential Content Optimization work?
Trifecta partners with content owners at the Sponsor to identify LiveStream™ content. We work together to go “beyond the protocol” and focus on key operations and safety concerns of the trial to deliver training in an effective and consistent way. We pair this service with our InvestigatorSpace® on-demand platform to host lower complexity content which still needs to be delivered and documented.


How is attendance tracked?
All of the attendees of the LiveStream™ event will earn Certificates of Attendance which will be immediately reflected in their InvestigatorSpace® accounts. All of the content is recorded and produced into on-demand modules to be delivered via InvestigatorSpace® to those who didn’t attend. Certificates for both the LiveStream™ event and on-demand training will be tracked centrally via InvestigatorSpace® to ensure training compliance and maintain a perpetual state of inspection readiness.


For more information on Trifecta’s LiveStream™ and how we can help with your next virtual meeting, please contact us.

Essential Content Optimization™