Unburdening Sites by Eliminating 98,166 Hours of Redundant Training

The content of training required to conduct clinical trials can overlap significantly from study to study. A common frustration for clinical site teams is the required completion of training for a new trial that is identical, or nearly identical, to training they previously completed for another project. Web-based clinical training through a clinical qualification management system can address many of the issues related to redundant training content.

In the experience of one large biopharma sponsor, clinical site staff were able to be “exempted” from the completion of certain training topics when training was managed in a system that applied topic equivalency rules to site personnel training history information retained in the system between and across studies.

Over four years of use, and with an average of 15 minutes of training time for each topic, clinical site staff working on studies for this sponsor were “exempted” from a total of 98,166 hours of redundant training, freeing significant time for clinical site teams to use on other important work.

Redundant Training Effort Saved

Year Training Topic Exemptions
2016 47,054
2017 94,993
2018 144,055
2019 106,562
Total 392,664

Source: WCG Trifecta™