Trifecta Clinical to Donate Training Services for All Clinical Studies Evaluating the Treatment of COVID-19 Coronavirus

Clinical trials related to the treatment and cure of COVID-19 seeking training resources and certification of investigators should reach out directly to Trifecta Clinical.

Today, Trifecta Clinical, the industry leader in process automation for clinical trial training and site communication, announced that all training certification fees will be waived for pharmaceutical companies sponsoring clinical trials for COVID-19 (coronavirus). This decision was issued in response to the widespread impact of the virus at a global level with cases now reaching 84,000 worldwide with nearly 3,000 deaths and anticipated threat to the United States.

Trifecta also shared that pharmaceutical companies researching COVID-19 can elect to conduct clinical trial training via online broadcast to areas significantly impacted by travel constraints or investigator meeting cancellations. On-line, on-demand training modules will also be made available via Trifecta’s InvestigatorSpace®, an online platform designed to centralize and automate the management of site training. The Trifecta team is ready to immediately assist remote aspects of any training to support critical COVID-19 studies.

“Cost should not be a consideration for any COVID-19 Study.  If we have a chance to make a difference, when literally our own families could be in jeopardy, Trifecta is more than willing to donate our services to the industry at this critical time” said Dave Young, CEO, Trifecta Clinical.

To expedite training related to COVID-19 trials or other studies impacted, please reach out to  A member of the dedicated response team will respond to your inquiries.

Trifecta Clinical is a global leader and a trusted partner with decades of experience in clinical trial technology solutions for leading pharmaceutical, biotech and clinical research organizations. From accelerating study start up for trials of all sizes to organizing and distributing critical training and safety event information, Trifecta offers a fully integrated training, safety and communication platform built from the ground up. Through it, we are able to increase the speed of clinical trials without compromising accuracy. The result? More Trial and Less Error across an entire portfolio of studies.

Trifecta offers clinical trial solutions including Online/On Demand Investigator Training, Production Services for Live and Web-Based Investigator Meetings, Safety Letter Distribution, Site Start Up Document Exchange, and Automated Study Close Out. Across each solution, clients experience the benefits of real time visibility for clinical trial training, safety and documentation status across their entire research portfolio. For more information, please visit Trifecta at