Investigator Meetings—What Are You Missing?

Let’s be honest. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the landscape of clinical research. One example is the role Investigator Meetings play in launching new trials and how the industry is adapting by leveraging technology to keep critical research programs on track.

Many biopharma companies have embraced the opportunity to reinvent their approach and have deployed well thought out strategies while others have taken more of a short-cut approach, hoping that a shift to virtual investigator meetings would be a simple solution. The results, as you might expect, range from highly successful to, well, let’s just call it a hot mess.

You don’t need a Virtual Meeting host. You need a robust strategy. 

What is your strategy missing?

Planning and executing highly engaging Virtual Investigator Meetings are PART of the solution — but NOT the complete answer:

This is where an on-demand training platform comes into play.

In addition to processing “Certificates of Attendance” for all who attend the live investigator meeting (F2F or Virtual), an on-demand platform can host professionally produced training modules, digitally edited from the recorded live presentations. Not only can these modules be leveraged to train and certify site staff who were unable to attend the live IM, but they can be leveraged over time to effectively train and certify new site staff who come onto the study at any point in time (i.e. new site activations, site staff turnover, etc.). 

The end result — ALL training documentation stored centrally, with a dashboard that allows study teams to effectively manage training compliance and establish a perpetual state of inspection readiness.


Trifecta Clinical supports custom investigator training, safety letter distribution, and regulatory document management through our InvestigatorSpace® platform. With 15 years of experience, Trifecta stands ready to achieve Perpetual Inspection Readiness™.