COVID-19 Response

As Pharma companies create contingency plans to protect the safety and well-being of study teams and participants, several of our clients have reached out to inquire about the capabilities Trifecta can offer during this critical time. Trifecta specializes in delivering clinical trial training seamlessly via web-based meetings and online training modules. Our nimble and experienced team is prepared to support your upcoming virtual/remote meeting and training needs during this crisis.


Trifecta Clinical to Donate Training Services for All Clinical Studies Evaluating the Treatment of COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS

Clinical trials related to the treatment and cure of COVID-19 seeking training resources and certification of investigators should reach out directly to Trifecta Clinical.


Today, Trifecta Clinical, the industry leader in process automation for clinical trial training and site communication, announced that all training certification fees will be waived for pharmaceutical companies sponsoring clinical trials for COVID-19 (coronavirus). This decision was issued in response to the widespread impact of the virus at a global level with cases now reaching 84,000 worldwide with nearly 3,000 deaths and anticipated threat to the United States.

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How to Navigate Virtual/Remote Meetings

Deliver A Comprehensive Virtual Meeting Experience

Trifecta can deliver a flawless web-based meeting execution including all technology, logins, presenter preparation, project management, technical direction, presentation and content management, interpretations, translations, livestream and audience engagement.


Ensure All Study Staff Can Participate Via Global Locations/Interact with SME Real Time

All web-based meeting participants can interact with subject matter experts in real-time within a secure online platform accessed from any global location.


Drive Increased Attendance to Your Virtual Meeting

Trifecta drives attendance results by implementing over a decade-long best practices of our pharmaceutical sponsors clients including: save-the-date communication, invitation management with bi-weekly calls and follow-ups.


Remove Some Burden of Logistical Planning and Execution on Your Team

So they can focus on the more pressing business needs related to the COVID-19 crisis that affect your study specifically. Increase Audience Engagement through built-in tools including polls, quizzing, Q&A and watch codes that help deliver the highest quality participation and understanding.


Web-Based Meetings Are Recorded and Converted to Online Training

For those unable to attend (or who join the study later), all presentations are recorded and produced into on-demand modules and hosted on the InvestigatorSpace® portal, where all study team personnel can access training, study forms and templates globally, 24/7.



During this critical time navigating new business and clinical environment realities caused by COVID-19, Trifecta has increased the capacity required to deliver on tight timelines without delay. To discuss creating a contingency plan TODAY to support your virtual meeting/training needs, please contact us.