InvestigatorSpace Clinical Qualifications Management System (CQMS) is the training and communication platform preferred by many clinical trial sites. InvestigatorSpace provides a safe and reliable way to communicate and track training, documents and more. When you partner with Trifecta Clinical, our software solutions ensure inspection readiness and help your team improve trial conduct.

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Features of Our Clinical Trial Training Solution


Communication is necessary at every stage of the process during a clinical trial, yet it comes with many challenges. Many clinical trial sites may use traditional communication methods, but these formats often do not comply with regulations, are too limited to meet industry needs, or do not provide complete and accurate information.


A clinical trial’s success relies on effective communication. Whether a study is working in a small or large region, using the best communication method helps ensure messages are clear and understandable to all stakeholders in order to streamline the entire trial.


InvestigatorSpace is a comprehensive platform that focuses on three core areas:


  1. Investigator training: Clinical trial sites can track investigator training for in-person and remote virtual meetings and training sessions. Training credit transfers to future case studies in a process called cross-sponsor mutual recognition to eliminate redundancy, saving hundreds of hours of time per study.
  2. Safety letter delivery: Our safety notification system, SafetyVigilance® allows sponsors to assign safety letters to investigators and tracks receipts of acknowledging the letter. Generate real-time reports that display the status of each letter for audits and compliance.
  3. Document exchange: The Regulatory Document Exchange™ program stores data and reports required safety documents for compliance with the regulatory process. The workflow covers distribution, tracking and collection, resulting in minimal administrative work.
10 out of 10 Investigators
prefer InvestigatorSpace over its leading competitors. Their experience with the platform is rated across the board higher than any other clinical trial technology solution.



A key benefit of InvestigatorSpace is its ability to provide the study management team real-time visibility and oversight into the various aspects of clinical trial training, safety, and documentation status. Because you have access to more information than previously possible, you can make accurate decisions faster. InvestigatorSpace has native integrations with leading eTMF providers for continuous audit-ready files.
Successful clinical trials depend on the success of sites. To improve the site experience, InvestigatorSpace was built with a focus on ease, flexibility, and convenience. It handles complex, administrative processes to make your site successful and give you more time to focus on patients.
Our clinical trial training solution gives you access to our expertise from years of experience in the industry. InvestigatorSpace also provides the benefits that clinical research organizations (CROs) care about most: customized expertise that delivers quality data to make descisions and comply with audits and a reduced workflow complexity for efficient streamlining.
Compliance is vital for clinical research and, so we built InvestigatorSpace was built to comply with regulatory requirements. The platform meets the requirements listed in FDA 21 CFR part 11 and European Union GDPR. Trifecta Clinical has several standard operativng procedures (SOPs) to support all the requirements with validation documents and evidence available for onsite audits.
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Trifecta Clinical is a clinical trial training solution provider to support clinical research. The features and design of our comprehensive platform are based on more than 15 years of industry experience. When you partner with us, you will benefit from a platform made for streamlining every phase of your research. Our expert team is always here to support your valuable work.


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