Investigator Training

Trifecta provides an innovative training platform via InvestigatorSpace®, as well as live and virtual investigator meeting support. Our training solutions improve the efficiency and effectiveness of site training and documentation for all clinical trial needs.

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200 Hours Saved Per Study
InvestigatorSpace allows automated crediting for completed training, eliminating redundancy and saving sites more than 200 hours on each study — this means more time spent with patients.



Successful clinical trials depend on the success of sites. To improve the site experience, InvestigatorSpace was built focusing on ease, flexibility and convenience. Training doesn't just occur at the Investigator meeting. Trifecta's capabilities include: Capture Content at Live Investigator Meetings, On-Demand Training, Virtual Meetings, and our latest advancement Livestream meetings.
A key benefit of InvestigatorSpace is its ability to automatically apply training credit earned on one study to future studies, eliminating redundant training for clinical researchers. Non-protocol specific topics including GCP Training no longer need to be repeated for each study. This is especially useful in reducing repeat standard dermatology rater training.
From information capture to training delivery, Trifecta can deliver your on-demand training lightning fast, reducing delays to site activation. We are not only committed to, but also uniquely positioned to accelerate implementation timelines due to integrated production and technology capabilities.
Real-time training records and reporting are available to study admins ensuring your study is in a perpetual state of inspection readiness.
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Our team of experts is always available to address any questions you may have about our integrated clinical solutions. Submit your contact information and we’ll be in touch shortly.


Trifecta Livestream gives you the tools to deliver the same type of interactive training your investigators have come to expect at a live meeting, in the comfort of their own homes.  For presentations, Livestream allows you to speak to your audience directly on camera, using your content as a dynamic background.



  • Green Screen Presentations
  • Panel Sessions
  • Interactive Polling / Q&A
  • Pre and Post Meeting Reporting


Trifecta Live Capture manages meetings from beginning to end, providing audio, visual and technology solutions for hundreds of meetings a year.


Our capabilities include:

  • Audio Visual, Set, Lighting, Sound
  • Video Production & Meeting Capture
  • Full Service Trifecta Audio & Video Studio
  • Translation & Interpretation
  • 5-Day Turn Around Live Meeting to On-Demand Training

InvestigatorSpace Mobile is a tool for CRAs to document and manage training amendments when face-to-face, at sites and during office visits. From processing training exemptions to conducting full training certificate completions.  Attendee signatures are capture via the app and applied immediately to InvestigatorSpace user accounts.



  • iPhone and Android availability
  • Single Sign-On
  • Training Exemption Approvals
  • Process Study Registrations

Trifecta Clinical has deep experience supporting dermatology studies and understands the challenges associated with ensuring consistency when conducting global clinical trials. Through Trifecta’s training platform, InvestigatorSpace®, rater training tools are supported to help reduce the variability of assessing treatment efficacy. We’ve formed close relationships with scale authors and leading dermatology experts on how training compliance should be standardized across the industry.



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Trifecta’s on-site live audience response meeting tablet solution, an application supported by Trifecta’s InvestigatorSpace® platform. Using the tablet and personalized accounts, all live meeting attendees then have access to their notes, annotations, saved content and standardized documents that you choose to make available at the live meeting.


Features include:

  • Personal Identification Number
  • Electronic Certificate of Attendance
  • Interactive Polling
  • Document Repository
  • Presenter Biographys

Trifecta Clinical has dedicated in-house animation and editing staff to quickly support your needs. Using the latest design techniques and clinical content optimization we’re uniquely suited for your creative needs.


Animation Specialties:

  • Mechanism of Action
  • Protocol Overviews
  • Trial Design
  • Medical Devices