Document Exchange

The Regulatory Document Exchange™ (RDX) is a fully automated workflow system for the distribution, tracking, and collection of clinical site documentation. The RDX offers more document accuracy with less administrative burden.

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I know exactly where to look for study documents by protocol, no more wasted time. - Investigator Site



From initial notification, the Regulatory Document Exchange can be configured within two business days for users to have access. Admins will be able to upload and send documents immediately for site activation.
Once uploaded, each document is placed under a status which is color-coded for the user to watch progress. Document statuses include: Browsed, Awaiting Response, Pending Action, Approved, and Rejected/Returned.
To simplify the user experience, the RDX can be accessed from a users’ general InvestigatorSpace® account after selecting the designated study in which they want to view. Once a study is selected, assigned documents can be viewed by site.
Any time an action is taken on a document, the history can be viewed in the transaction log report. This file will include document details along with transaction details which include the date, submission version, user, transaction, and notes.
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