Behind the Curtain: A Day in the Life of Trifecta’s Live Production Event Team

As a sponsor, you have many responsibilities when it comes to clinical trials. One important component of any clinical trial is the investigator meeting. The training that occurs during this meeting is documented and recorded in order for the sites to be inspection ready.

Many sponsors agree that filming the investigator meeting is valuable for several reasons – maybe not all of your investigators can attend or not all of your sites are chosen. Another thing to consider is turnover at sites. If you live capture your investigator meeting, you have the ability to redeploy the content at a later time for use by your sites.

Many times, hotels have AV equipment available for rental. Or there may be local company that will provide AV equipment. The question is….do they have a vested interest in ensuring your meeting runs smoothly? Is the content captured as seamlessly as possible for later use? The case for using Trifecta to live capture your investigator meeting is simple – we have a vested interest in ensuring you have a seamless and informative meeting because our reputation depends on it.

Trifecta Clinical are experts in the production and live capture of investigator meetings. Our production team travels around the globe ensuring every meeting is a success for both sponsors and attendees.

I spent about two years as a member of that team, traveling all over the world. I’ve been to Barcelona, Sidney, Rome, Melbourne, Warsaw, Taipei. It’s great to be able to see some of these places, but when we are on-site, our priority is providing a flawless meeting.

When I was on-site the typical production team timeline included the following:

Late Monday / Early Tuesday – Travel Day – We travel to the meeting location arriving early the following day (for long and/or international locations, otherwise travel occurs same day). Depending on the meeting, I sometimes travel with cases with tablets in them for use during the meeting. The AV equipment is provided locally by a vetted Trifecta vendor.
Wednesday – Work Begins at the Meeting Location – Once we are on-site, we consult our Best Practices checklist. This list is our reference guide for everything needed for that particular meeting. During the pre-production period, we meet with the sponsor team to make sure we understand what is needed for the meeting and build the checklist from there. We make sure that equipment appropriate for the meeting space is placed and tested for optimal functionality. There are multiple redundancies built in to ensure seamless operation in the event of equipment failure. Lights and microphones are arranged, cameras are set and tested to ensure they are functioning properly. Once the room is set, the production team meets with the individuals presenting to ensure slides are correct, multimedia is timed correctly and make any adjustments that are needed for a seamless meeting. The dress rehearsal can be as short as two hours, or as long as six hours, it really depends on how complex the presentation is. We make sure the timing of the slides is perfect and the transitions are seamless so there isn’t a lot of dead time in between presenters.

Walking the streets of Melbourne on my way to manage a large investigator meeting.

Thursday – CRA Training – The first meeting day is typically for the CRA’s. The production team begins work early in the morning and usually lasts a good part of the day. We pre-arrange with the hotel for meals to be provided for the team while they are working.

Friday – Investigator Meeting – The second meeting day is the Investigator Meeting. As with the CRA meeting, the production team starts work early in the morning until the end of the meeting day.

Late Friday / Early Saturday – Packing Up – We pack up the AV equipment and arrange for shipment back to the vendor location. Trifecta equipment is packed for shipment back to the designated Trifecta location or taken back on the plane as needed.

Saturday – Travel Day – The production team travels back to their home locations to prep for the next meeting.
The typical Trifecta production team includes a project manager plus AV technicians. If the meeting includes break-out sessions, an additional project manager may be assigned. If the meeting includes IS Live Tablets, there is an additional tablet AV project manager and a tablet project manager.

Trifecta Clinical are experts at live investigator meeting capture. We provide a white-glove service designed to ensure your investigator meeting runs flawlessly and professionally with no issues visible to either the sponsor or the attendees. If you have any questions, shoot me a message!