Who We Are

Trifecta offers a fully integrated, comprehensive site communication platform via InvestigatorSpace®. With over 15 years of study start-up experience for clinical trials, organizing and distributing training and safety documentation, Trifecta is a proven leader in on-demand solutions.

Our History


When founding Trifecta, our CEO Dave Young, brought many of the disciplines he learned over a long career and the belief that everyone has an important role to play. The need for total teamwork and collaboration between each role to keep things moving forward. And the confidence of knowing that any obstacle, big or small, can be solved quickly with a little creativity. Each of these guiding principles set the stage for Trifecta’s growth and the success and status we enjoy today.


In the years since then, we have perfected a host of solutions that fully integrate the process of clinical trial training and communication, from safety letter notification to regulatory document exchange. Every step, every document, every point of communication is now streamlined into a single platform we aptly call InvestigatorSpace.

Our Values

We have the utmost respect for our clients, our industry and each other. The importance of the work we are all doing to make the medicines of tomorrow is not lost on us. So we also respect budgets, schedules and the need for clear, constant communication across studies. You can expect to understand exactly what is happening in your study and when questions arise, you will always get a straight, simple answer.

Creativity and collaboration are at the core of our operating system. We work together, always. Pushing the envelope to find ways to adapt to changing needs for every single trial. Relentless creativity and innovation never fail, which is why we are unafraid of our customers’ “what ifs”, unknowns, tight timeframes, or big ideas. We thrive when presented with complex challenges.

We think of ourselves as true partners to our clients. And for that reason, we foster a spirit of partnership within that allows us to bring the highest level of service and the quickest solutions to challenges.

We are all in this to improve the human condition. And the best way we know to do that is to bring our best to each and every person we work with. And that means real, live, person-to-person conversations and customer service. Beyond our walls and our industry, we strive to improve the conditions of our communities through the many endeavors of Trifecta Cares.

While we are proud of our accomplishments, we remain humble. We never, ever assume to know better. Rather, always, we strive to listen. Really listen. Our clients are the ones who truly know their needs, goals and challenges. And seeking first to understand and then be understood, we are able to build relationships built on trust. And create short and long term solutions that generate success on every level.

Helping our clients succeed is about more than seeing the immediate asks and needs. It is about looking at the end goal and mapping out the most cost and time efficient way to get there without sacrificing quality. We look beyond a single meeting to understand what you would like to achieve across your portfolio of studies.

We don’t phone it in. Ever. Every last Trifecta employee shows up every single day with heart, passion, genuine gumption and a willingness to do what it takes to shatter the status quo, expand the boundaries of what is possible and exceed expectations on every level.