Trifecta’s Clinical Site Management Solutions

By centralizing information and automating administrative processes, our software solutions can improve workflow and save study teams significant time.

SiteReady®: A workflow system that reduces site start-up time for clinical trials


SiteReady® is a fully automated workflow system for the distribution, tracking and collection of study start-up documents that simplifies the cumbersome process for sites, sponsors and CROs.

SiteReady® accelerates the completion of the regulatory document exchange process, eliminating paperwork, FedEx® expense and the tedious back-and-forth of communications and corrections. The result? Reduced start-up timelines and explicit control over the document management process.

Here’s what SiteReady® does for you:

  • Centralizes and displays the current document status for all sites
  • Provides total document version control, efficiently tracking updates and corrections
  • Alerts sites to any actions required and completion status
  • Generates an audit trail tied to each document and action
  • Integrates easily with other site start-up processes to expedite site readiness

Trifecta clients have found that SiteReady® provides critical advantages that traditional trial management solutions simply do not — more document accuracy, document control and exchange, control over compliancy, and less administrative burden.

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