Reduce costs for investigator training and clinical trial site start-up.

With the costs of clinical trials rising every year, saving money is even more critical to bringing new drugs to the market. Trifecta’s solutions can slash live meeting and training costs, as well as reduce out-of-pocket expenses and site-start up costs.

Every situation is unique, but one thing is clear: Trifecta’s training and workflow solutions are effective.

By using ePresentOnline® for investigator training, many of our clients have seen significant savings.

  • One sponsor decreased their training costs by 77% across 55 studies
  • Another client reduced their administrative workload by over 5,000 hours across 84 studies

Because we are confident that your organization will benefit from our custom solutions, we use a unique pricing model designed to share risk and to ensure that our motivations are always in line with yours.

Decrease site start-up costs

Having centralized documentation and a streamlined process creates exponentially greater opportunities for savings and better data quality. Trifecta’s SafetyVigilance® application can reduce site costs associated with sending safety letters and compiling start-up documentation. And through the use of SafetyVigilance®, and other online solutions customized to clients’ needs, clients are able to gain enrollment time.

Cut investigator training costs while increasing effectiveness

Moving training online or using a combination of live meetings and online training is another way to free up much-needed resources.

For example, by offering online pre-training, you can shorten a live meeting from two days to one. You can then use the in-person time for discussion about the materials already presented, or to explore the science and nuances of a specific protocol with investigators. And by reducing travel, you’ll cut out-of-pocket expenses such as hotel stays or meals. You’ll also eliminate the cost of sending staff to meetings to make up training they were unable to attend.

Savings are just the beginning.

See how we can help you accelerate site readiness and increase efficiency and effectiveness.

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