Our success hinges on our people.

We are a multi-disciplinary team of passionate entrepreneurs, tech gurus, learning experts, award-winning animators, and project managers with clinical expertise who enjoy solving complex problems and delivering outstanding solutions to our clients.

The Trifecta Team

We’re celebrating 10 years of solving problems—and getting great results—for our customers.

Trifecta Leadership

Dave Young

Chief Executive Officer

Dave Young is the CEO and founder of Trifecta Clinical®. Dave has over 17 years of experience in technology development, implementation and multimedia production. He has focused exclusively on innovation in the clinical development space for nearly a decade.

Dave founded Trifecta in 2004 and became its full-time CEO in 2005. He is privileged to work with a team of incredibly talented professionals, fostering an environment of risk-taking, innovation and outrageously excellent service. In 2012, Dave became a member of the Board of Directors of the Asia Training Consortium.

Team Members

On why they come to work everyday:

I love those aha moments when I figure out how to complete a complicated edit or when I find a solution to a production issue.”– Luke Slendebroek, Editor

Coming to work each day I know that I will have the opportunity to use cutting edge technology while taking on new and interesting challenges. Each day has the potential to be different, and that keeps things fresh and exciting.” – Daria Coltrain, Manager Implementation Consulting and Control

Annihilating expectations.”– Dave Young, CEO

Navigating new client needs and finding creative solutions to unique problems. We have a fun and hard working office environment. No decisions are made in a vacuum, and I like that collaborative feeling.”– Brian, Project Manager, who also holds a Master of Fine Arts in acting.

We are fortunate to work in an environment with a lot of talented people who do not take themselves as seriously as they take their work. We work hard and laugh often.”– Marsha, Project Manager

Whether I’m home in Nashville or somewhere else in the world, I actually feel like I get to contribute beyond the typical duties. It’s up to me to get better at what I do, innovate, streamline… it’s a great feeling and brings a lot of drive with it.” – Jefferson, AV Project Manager

Making the lives of our clients easier from the first day of the project.”– Eric, Director, Business Development

On their unique abilities and expertise:

I think I have a good sense of how each action affects all parts of the company. I also try to anticipate how things relate to Trifecta’s goals and the big picture.”– Gordon Barnard, Head of Production / Post-Production

I like fixing things. And I’m seriously hard to beat at Tetris.”– Roger Chou, Manager, Information Technology

With my varied background I bring versatility to our team. My careers as Professional Chef, Product Photography/AV Production & Project Manager required management skills, discipline, creativity, people skills, and commitment to excellence.”– Terry, Project Manager

I’ve worked in the diagnostic and pharmaceutical industry my entire career. Having worked on clinical trial teams, and now working on the commercial side of the business, allows me to consider all facets when making decisions.”– Marsha, Project Manager

Memorable moments at Trifecta:

When an investigator said that the training he took was the best he had been involved with in his 20 years of clinical research.”– Dax, Director, Business Development, who also has an MFA in Directing.

Can’t forget those 2 a.m. web conference meetings and the week we had 8 web conferences, three of which were going on at the same time.”– Terry, Project Manager

Heading to LA for training and seeing Trifecta’s marquee up in the Indianapolis Airport”– Terence, Tech Support

Working with a professional actor to create a new training module.”– Lori, Project Manager