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Transform clinical investigator meetings into dynamic interactive experiences with the help of a global leader.

Take the burden of managing meetings off of the study team

Trifecta manages meetings from beginning to end, providing audio, visual, and technology solutions for hundreds of meetings a year, worldwide. We have a system that works for every size and style of investigator meeting, as well as any budget, so your team can focus on what matters: the content.

Other services we offer include:

  • Interpretation in many languages
  • Printing and signage


Reduce the risk of technical problems and disruptions by hiring experts in investigator meeting production.

Every Trifecta event is planned and managed by a Trifecta project manager, a single point of contact for the study team, with deep experience in investigator meeting production.

Over the course of thousands of meetings and training sessions, we have developed time-tested guidelines and protocols to reduce technical problems, shorten interruptions, anticipate change, and shift gears quickly to lessen disruptions. We also offer guidance to presenters to ensure a high-quality recording.

Create consistency in training and experiences with Trifecta’s live web meetings

Web meetings are a way to save costs while enabling engaging discussions among sites. Whether you need monthly meetings to address questions, or have occasional events, you can rely on Trifecta to produce them professionally and consistently.

Trifecta maintains a unique master training record that shows all training by every participant. These documents meet industry standards and can be merged with your other electronic records to simplify training management.

Curious about how you can get better results from your meetings?

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