Trifecta’s InvestigatorSpace®

A clinical investigator portal that makes oversight and implementation of clinical trials faster and easier.

Transform the way your organization handles training and key administrative functions.

InvestigatorSpace® is a web-based clinical investigator portal with a comprehensive suite of training and collaboration tools that accelerates site readiness and provides support for key functions throughout the lifecycle of a study.


Applications included in InvestigatorSpace®:

  • Compliance and Certification Directory (CCD). Reducing time and costs, this cross-study tracking system serves to exempt site personnel from taking training they’ve already completed.*
  • SiteProfile®. A no-cost, secure repository for investigators to enter site qualification data.
  • SiteReady®. A fully automated workflow system for the distribution, tracking, and collection of study start-up documents that significantly reduces site start-up timelines.
  • SafetyVigilance®. A secure, trackable and cost-efficient way to deliver global Safety Letters.

Features of InvestigatorSpace® can be configured to precisely meet each organization’s unique needs.

Other features that create efficiencies include:

  • Context Sensitive Navigation® ensures participants are routed to the activity most critical for them to complete.
  • Patented Watch Code ensures participants not only actively participate in training but also understand the content.
  • Interactive FAQs enhance learning by enabling investigators to ask questions and receive answers.*
  • Role-based training functionality enables the system to automatically produce a sponsor and investigator-approved training curriculum.
  • Robust reporting Certificates and training status reports are available anytime, to more easily manage compliance.*
    • Certificates and training status reports are available anytime, to more easily manage compliance.
    • Our systems provide extensive audit trails that track activities.
    • Version control allows easy management of documents.

*Also available in ePresentOnline®

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