Simplify the lives of the study team so they can spend more time on critical tasks.

With automated processes, centralized reporting, a safety letter feature, document exchange and storage, and consistent training experiences, Trifecta’s solutions expand the team’s capacity to focus on the study.

I think it’s just as effective as an investigator meeting.” – Study team member

Trifecta’s solutions make it easier and less burdensome to get quality information from all sites.

You’re accustomed to the tediousness of sifting through emails and storing documents in multiple places. But you don’t have to settle for inefficiency.

Within a single system, sponsors and sites can upload documents (staff credentials, patient consent forms, and safety letters), track signatures, and save communications. The online system generates training certifications and serves as a document repository for sponsors and CROs to track, distribute, and manage materials across sites—whether for site start-up activities or training — to ensure total compliance. Explore our robust reporting features.


Provide consistent training across clinical study sites

With Trifecta’s training solutions and translation capabilities, everyone–in every location around the globe–has access to the same high-quality information.

Reduce the time to train from study to study

The ability to modify training for use across multiple studies and to exempt people from training saves significant time during a clinical trial.

Let’s say you need to train investigators for a new study due to a slight formulation change in a drug. If an investigator already completed Study A’s non-protocol specific documentation, you can exempt him or her from that training for Study B— saving hours of training time. In addition, Trifecta can adapt and re-use existing training to fit the new study and have it ready to use within a few days.

Shorten in-person meetings and make them more effective

By offering non-protocol specific training online prior to a live meeting, you can decrease the in-person meeting time. This frees the team to focus the meeting on Q&A and deep interaction regarding protocol-specific information.

What could your investigators do with more time?

Let us show you how our easy-to-use solutions can work within your study or organization.

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