We are pioneers in live and on-demand investigator training.

More than a decade ago, Trifecta was first in the field with online investigator training. With the development of ePresentOnline®, we pioneered the ability for investigators to train on their own time.

Over the years, we have perfected a host of solutions that make investigator training and related site start-up processes not only quicker, but easier and less expensive.

A global leader

Trifecta’s training system is currently in use in 87 countries, on studies ranging in size from two sites to more than 1,800. Our solutions are put to the test in hundreds of clinical trials every year, and are in use by leading pharmaceutical, biotech, and clinical research organizations.


  • Our InvestigatorSpace® platform offers dynamic training, including web-based meetings and customized modules for protocol and non-protocol specific training, in addition to other features to exchange information and lessen administrative time spent by sponsors and sites during the clinical trial process.
  • Our compliance solutions are designed to better track and manage safety letters.
  • Our training solutions exempt site personnel from taking training they’ve already completed, saving significant time.
  • Our unique Certificate of Attendance (CoA) is a complete, auditable record of training that includes the Investigator’s signed acknowledgement and a paper-back-up. These documents meet industry standards for acceptable training documentation.



  • For live meetings, Trifecta has a worldwide network of highly skilled technicians (from hardware to software) and longstanding relationships with partner organizations and independent specialists in dozens of countries
  • We have translation capabilities in many languages
  • To better serve our global customers, we have offices in Los Angeles, California; Indianapolis, Indiana; and Yokohama, Japan; as well as Business Development and Sales Offices in the United Kingdom, Czech Republic, and across the U.S., in the greater northeast and the southern states


  • We guide presenters through everything from slide reviews to using a teleprompter to capture the best presentation.
  • Our meetings are managed only by experts in investigator meeting production
  • We have award-winning animation capabilities

Here’s a behind-the-scenes view of the Trifecta team as they develop a fully-animated video.

Therapeutic Experience

Any therapeutic area can benefit from online training. Here are a few examples of the areas in which we have conducted training.

  • Cardiovascular
  • Dermatology
  • ED/Sexual Health
  • Hematology
  • Oncology
  • Pediatric Oncology
  • Endocrinology/hormones
  • GI
  • Neuroscience
  • Pain
  • Pediatric Rheumatology
  • Immunology
  • Osteoporosis
  • Women's Health
  • Adult Rheumatology

Partners and Memberships

  • Member of the Board of Directors for the Asia Training Consortium.
  • Strategic partner with SAFE-BioPharma, a non-profit organization that promotes standards-based authentication and digital signatures. The use of SAFE-Bio- Pharma authentication improves security and allows site staff to use a single username and password to access multiple systems. It also facilitates data exchange between Sponsors, CROs and consortiums who have adopted the SAFE Trust Framework with 100% accuracy.