A unique on-demand solution that takes the complexity out of protocol and non-protocol specific training.

ePresentOnline® is the cornerstone of our training solutions that:

  • Centralizes training, making it easily accessible for onboarding, clarification, and refreshers as needed
  • Streamlines document management
  • Eliminates redundant training
  • Enables investigators to complete training quickly and at their convenience. In fact, more than 85% of ePresentOnline® users strongly agree that Trifecta’s system is easy to use.
  • Can help you reduce costs while maintaining the quality of training
  • Can be up and running within days—typically just five days from capture to deployment


Training with ePresentOnline® offers a consistent message and an enduring asset.

On-demand training provides lasting assets for future training, so you can quickly train new sites and new personnel. It also eliminates the logistical headache of distributing materials worldwide.

Trifecta also offers translation services so that all of your global sites can use the same materials.

Our training solutions streamline record oversight so you can track information and compliance across sites.

In one easily accessible application, you can view:

  • Who has completed training
  • The overall progress
  • The date training was completed or accessed
  • The format the training was in (online, meeting, exempted)
  • Assessment results

Features and Benefits of ePresentOnline®

  • The Compliance and Certification Directory (CCD) eliminates redundant training to save significant time and money.
  • Interactive FAQs enhance learning by enabling investigators to ask questions and receive answers.
  • Patented Watch Code ensures participants not only actively participate in training but also understand the content.

Get these and many more features with Trifecta’s investigator portal, InvestigatorSpace®.

Case StudyThe Time We Invented the Watch Code

The Challenge

The FDA requires any company conducting investigator training to regulate it and be able to show thorough records that the participants completed all of the required training, what version they completed and the date training was completed.

One challenge associated with online training is how to verify that the training participants fully understood what they just watched. While quizzes are sometimes used to overcome this issue, quizzes can also be regarded as demeaning in some cultures, and with the global reach of our customers, it wasn’t a consistently good option. A universal solution to ensure that participants are not only actively participating in the training but also understood the content was needed.

The Solution

In order to overcome these challenges and ensure that participants were fully engaged in training and completed the entire module, Trifecta developed the innovative Watch Code solution. Every four to six minutes a four digit code appears on the participant’s screen. The participant must enter the code in order to continue training.

If the participant is away from his or her screen and misses the Watch Code (and thus, part of the required training), the participant must enter the Watch Code when he or she returns to the computer. The Watch Code takes the participant back to the previous training point to ensure that no content is missed.

When participants finish entire training modules, the trial sponsor has access to a record proving that training was completed.

The Conclusion

Trifecta’s innovative thinking produces technology solutions that help sponsors and CROs ensure training compliance.

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