Blended Solutions

Live and online training methods combined to meet your unique needs.

By using a combination of in-person or web meetings and online training, you can:

  • Shorten your face-to-face investigator meetings and make them more effective. By offering online pre-training, you can shorten a live meeting from two days to one. You can also use the in-person time for discussion about the materials already presented, or to explore the science and nuances of a specific protocol with investigators.
  • Centralize information to simplify the work of the clinical study team. With every type of Trifecta solution—web meetings, in-person meetings, or online training—you get a master training record that incorporates it all. You’ll know who was on the phone and for how long. You know who attended in person. You can see who completed an online module. And you can track documents through version control. In addition, having one location for training creates a robust library of information that the study team can access for initial training, onboarding, or reference.

Examples of Blended Training Solutions


Online training supplemented by web or in-person meetings. For some clients, we host live web meetings where physicians can call in and ask questions of the study teams. Others have found it useful to separate protocol and non-protocol specific training into online training and live meetings. This might include placing non-protocol specific training online for completion prior to a face-to-face or live web meeting.

Live meetings captured and transformed into online training. Sponsors often ask Trifecta to capture live meetings, which are then turned into online training modules. This is especially useful for study expansion, site turnover, and back-up training. Also, if there is an amendment to a protocol, Trifecta can easily revise the existing training and push it out to sites and study teams—eliminating the expense of a live meeting.

What’s the right solution for you?

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