Explore our Five Best Practices

All of our solutions incorporate five elements that consistently yield exceptional results for our clients.

1. Project Management

At the helm of every project is a dedicated project manager who takes clients through standard processes to gather information and lead them through the options that match their needs. Our personalized approach and proven methodologies help our customers reduce costs and create efficiencies. And we remain partners for the duration of your study, continuing to ask questions to help your training remain flexible and relevant over time.

2. Problem Solving

True innovation comes from experienced, talented people who listen to their clients and think creatively about complex problems, looking outside their own industry for ways to solve them. This is precisely what we do at Trifecta, and it is why we continue to grow.

Our approach to solving problems enables us to expertly recommend flexible products that can meet our clients’ needs. Because results are the only thing that counts.

3. Customer Service

Trifecta exists to make the jobs and lives of our customers easier, so we always strive for outrageously excellent service.

Our technology solutions are incredibly flexible and quick to implement. We use an iterative approach that enables us to rapidly deploy a training solution and then make changes based on real-world use. We take this approach because we believe that thinking about a problem is no substitute for taking action. In addition, our easy-to-use technologies work within existing workflows, so adoption by study teams is high.

  • Our pricing model is unique in our industry—it is designed to share the financial risk, so that you can be assured that our motivations are always aligned with yours.
  • We have the fastest turnaround times in the industry—just five days from capture to deployment for most projects.
  • We resolve more than 60% of support calls within two hours. And our support team has been known to help resolve all kinds of issues, from password resets to troubleshooting Internet access that has nothing to do with Trifecta’s solutions.
  • We guide presenters through everything from slide reviews to using a teleprompter to capture the best presentation.


4. Technology

Off-the-shelf solutions might work for some, but at Trifecta, we find it’s best to create our own. Developing our own solutions (writing code, racking up patents) enables us to easily customize our technology to address unique customer needs and stay ahead of trends. And, we can quickly deploy a training solution that can adapt based on real-world use.

Our systems are easy to use, according to more than 85% of users.

With extensive capabilities in motion graphics, 3-D animation, high-definition video, and more, we can quickly create dynamic training. However, not every training module benefits from these technologies—and not every organization can support them. So our priority is always to find the right blend of technology to suit your goals, your timeframe, and your budget.

5. Centralized Information

We know how important it is to manage documents and make them easily accessible and actionable. So, no matter the scope of the solution, Trifecta’s training solutions offer a centralized location for study documents, training records, and more. Having centralized documentation and a streamlined process creates exponentially greater opportunities for cost savings and better quality data.


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