Getting a site up and running can be time-consuming. But it doesn’t have to be.

Trifecta’s solutions can reduce training time and automate workflow so you have more time for patient enrollment.

We’re absolutely metric driven and our metrics have improved probably 200%. We know we can get a site ready much quicker now." – Clinical Trial Site Services (CTSS), Top 12 Pharmaceutical Sponsor

On-demand rollout gives you more time for clinical study enrollment.

From the time you contact us, we move swiftly to identify and deploy a solution. We can deliver a proposal within a few days. And, we can rollout online training typically within five days, from capture to deployment. (A significant time savings, considering it typically requires two to six months to schedule live meetings.)

We can move fast because our multidisciplinary people specialize in asking the right questions and quickly turning the answers into a system that can evolve over time. Your dedicated project manager will support you throughout implementation and for the duration of the study to ensure you see the results you need.

Accelerate site start-up by increasing control over study documents with Trifecta SiteReady®.

Trifecta SiteReady® is a fully automated workflow system for distributing, tracking, and collecting documents related to study start-up. SiteReady® accelerates the completion of the regulatory document exchange process, eliminating paperwork, delivery expense and the tedious back and forth of communications and corrections.

Spend less time on training and oversight.

Few things are more frustrating than repeating a task—especially when your team is already overburdened. Trifecta’s Certification and Compliance Directory enables you to automatically exempt personnel from taking training they’ve already completed. And because our system is easy to use, staff can spend time learning the content, not mastering the technology.

Want to get your site up and running quickly and efficiently?

Let us show you how our easy-to-use solutions can give you more time.

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